1200 Sq Ft Daylight Studio

Three large windows let a ton of west-facing light in for perfectly lit photos in the spacious loft.

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Modern Industrial Loft

With the pallet wall, reclaimed wood table, and original hardwood floors, the space is gram-worthy.  The 11-ft ceilings are also dreamy.

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The studio is located minutes off of 90/94 in historic Pilsen.  Plenty of free street parking is available for you and your guests.

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When renting the studio, you have access to a West Elm couch, a bed, and several modern chairs.  Seamless backdrops are also provided.

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We’re Photographers

The studio is managed by three photographers, so we get you.  We do our own shoots and meetings in the loft, so we are constantly updating and looking for ways to improve.

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With three separate sections – a workspace, a meeting space, and a shooting space – Loft 505 is perfect for whatever your needs may be.

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Rates & FAQ

How much is a rental?

For meeting and standard session rentals during weekday business hours (M-F, 9:30am-7:30pm) it is $75 for the first hour, and $50 for every additional hour. For meeting and standard session rentals during weekend business hours (Sat & Sun, 9:30am-7:30pm) it is $100 for the first hour, and $75 for every additional hour. We have a two hour minimum and the studio is available 10 minutes before your rental time begins to allow for setup. All tear down must be completed by the end of the contracted time.

For more elaborate shoots and meetings, and off-hour rentals (8am-9:30am, 7:30-10pm), please contact us for a personalized quote.

What is the rental process?

Please email us using the form below to check about availability on your preferred date.

As we are all wedding photographers, during May-November, weekend dates are limited and are booked no more than 6 weeks in advance. In all cases, typically, we need at least 48 hours advance notice for any rentals. However, if you have a last minute rental need, please don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do our best to accommodate (in these situations, additional fees may apply).

Once you are ready to schedule your date, we ask for a signed contract and full payment to hold the date.

Where is the studio and what is parking like? Do you have an elevator?

We are located at 1932 S. Halsted, and there is usually lots of free street parking. S Halsted and W Cullerton work out the best for us!

We do have a freight elevator. If you have a lot of gear, please let us know ahead of time, and we will point you to the loading zone.

What are the general rules?

We try to be pretty laid back, and just ask that you leave everything as you found it.

Maximum occupancy is 10 people (including photographers, assistants, etc), and please remain quiet if out in the hallways. It is a live/work environment, and we don't want to wake our artist neighbors, so we have the right to deny any excessively loud productions (such as music videos). Due to our lease with the building, we also ask that you do not drink, smoke, or bring animals in the building.

What is the best time for light in the studio?

We've found that the light is best mid-morning through an hour or so before sunset. The light is softer in the morning/afternoon, and more direct in the evening hours. We have diffusion shades as well.

What are the dimensions of the studio?

Please reference this diagram of the space - it shows the general furniture layout and also includes the dimensions of each area.

What equipment and furniture are available for us to use?

As a natural light studio, we try to keep it pretty simple. However, we do have a large free-standing reflector panel and white and black seamless paper available for use.

Check out the gallery for visuals on the available furniture! We have a bed, love seat, Acapulco chair, and several copper chairs that you are welcome to use.

Who are you?

Loft 505 is run by Tasha of Redwall Photo and Gina & Tony of Gina & Tony Photographers.

Tasha is a wedding and portrait photographer who loves coffee, her husband, books, and her cat (not necessarily in that order). And Instagram, she's definitely addicted to Instagram.

Gina & Tony are a husband and wife photography superhero team with the cutest toddler and dog ever. They also have another mini on the way!


Loft 505 is more than just a photo studio; its creation was a labor of love. The walls were constructed, painted, and stained by our hands. Much of the decor was found in salvage shops and/or was handmade by independent artists. The file cabinet was found discarded, and restored with blood and sweat. And, perhaps most interesting - the table is comprised of salvaged wood from the Adams/Wabash El stop. We wanted the loft to feel like home, so that coziness would come through in meetings and images.
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Address: 1932 S Halsted, Chicago